Meet some of the people affiliated with digital humanities at NYU. You can find more specific committees and cohorts in the quick links section.

Portrait of Jojo Karlin
Jojo Karlin

Digital Scholarship Specialist, Division of Libraries

Project: Wikimedians @ NYU

Portrait of Marii Nyrop
Marii Nyrop

Senior Research Data Engineer for Digital Humanities, NYU IT

Projects: Biblio-Política  / Migrants and the State  / No Turning Back  / Raising the Volume  / Minicomp/Wax

Portrait of Leif Weatherby
Leif Weatherby

Director of Digital Humanities and Associate Professor of German

Project: Digital Theory Lab

Portrait of Jo Suk
Jo Suk

Digital Scholarship Graduate Student Specialist

Portrait of Ellen Noonan
Ellen Noonan

Clinical Associate Professor and Director, Archives and Public History Program

Projects: COVID Collections  / Migrants and the State

Portrait of Lucy Appert
Lucy Appert

Director of Educational Technology, FAS

Project: Liberal Studies Global Image Gallery

Portrait of Nicholas Wolf
Nicholas Wolf

Research Data Management Librarian and Interim Co-Head of Data Services, Division of Libraries

Projects: Brown Brothers Collection Transcription Project  / New York City Directories Extracted Persons Entries, 1850-1890  / New York Scapes

Portrait of Jared McCormick
Jared McCormick

Clinical Assistant Professor, Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies

Project: Sight/Site/Cite in the Digital Middle East

Portrait of Himanshu Mistry
Himanshu Mistry

Assistant Director for Data Services, NYU IT

Portrait of Alexandra Provo
Alexandra Provo

Research Curation Librarian

Projects: Migrants and the State  / Raising the Volume  / Wikimedians @ NYU

Portrait of Alona Bach
Alona Bach

Director, Sponsored Research Arts and Science Office of Research

Portrait of Bobby Brill
Bobby Brill

Director of Strategic Planning and Services, NYU IT

Portrait of Sebastian Heath
Sebastian Heath

Clinical Associate Professor of Computational Humanities and Roman Archaeology

Portrait of Patrick Burns
Patrick Burns

Associate Research Scholar, Digital Projects, ISAW Library

Portrait of Meredith Broussard
Meredith Broussard

Associate Professor of Journalism

Portrait of Marina Hassapopoulou
Marina Hassapopoulou

Assistant Professor in Cinema Studies and Associate Director of Moving Image Archiving and Preservation

Portrait of Craig Kapp
Craig Kapp

Clinical Associate Professor of Computer Science

Project: Historic Fractures

Portrait of Beth Russell
Beth Russell

Associate Director of Research Services & Strategy and Associate Academic Librarian for the Humanities, Division of Libraries

Portrait of David Wrisley
David Wrisley

Associate Professor of Digital Humanities, NYU AD

Placeholder person image
Deena Engel

Clinical Professor Emerita of Computer Science

Project: Artists Archive Initiative